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Confirmed Entrants 2020


First name







1Joasia Zakrzewski F Scotland No No
2John Yoon M VIC Yes Yes
3Jason West M QLD Yes Yes
4Donna Urquhart F VIC Yes Yes
5David Turnbull M SA Yes Yes
6Jane Trumper F NSW Yes Yes
7Shane Simpson M NSW Yes Yes
8Vladimir Shatrov M NSW No No
9Guy Schweitzer M QLD No No
10Justin Scholz M VIC Yes Yes
11Julie Sager F QLD No No
12Gerard Riordan M NSW No No
13Stephen Redfern M NSW Yes Yes
14Mathew Piper M VIC No No
15John Pearson M QLD Yes Yes
16Kieran OBrien M QLD Yes Yes
17Adrian Nicholson M NSW Yes Yes
18Pam Muston F NSW Yes Yes
19Daniel Murray M NSW No No
20Philip Murphy M NSW Yes Yes
21Kevin Muller M VIC Yes Yes
22Justin Miller M NSW No No
23George Mihalakellis M VIC Yes Yes
24Ross McPhee M VIC No No
25Michaela McDonald F NSW No No
26Rob Mason M NSW Yes Yes
27Kirsten Maplestone F VIC No No
28Ryan Lowe M NSW No No
29Dan Lollback M NSW Yes Yes
30Morgan Lindqvist M NSW No No
31Amy Lamprecht F TAS No No
32Burt Kennedy M NSW No No
33Mark Hope M NSW No No
34Jochen Hess M NSW No No
35Jan Herrmann M NSW Yes Yes
36Kevin Heaton M NSW Yes Yes
37Simone Hayes F NSW No No
38Sabina Hamaty F NSW Yes Yes
39David Haesaert M NSW No No
40Jonathan Ennis-King M VIC No No
41Simon Duke M SA No No
42Maree Connor F NSW No No
43Lou Clifton F NSW No No
44Baden Chapple M NSW No No
45Rebecca (Beck) Butler F SA No No
46Nicole Burke F NSW Yes Yes
47Renae Brock F NSW Yes Yes
48Grant Brisbin M NSW No No
49Kay Bretz M VIC No No
50Kristen Brace F NSW No No
51Stephen Bowers M NSW Yes Yes
52Jo Blake M NSW Yes Yes
53David Billett M SA Yes Yes
54David Bennie M NSW No No
55Lucy Bartholomew F VIC No No
56Luke Barrett M NSW No No
57Nicholas Bamford M QLD No No
58Katy Anderson F NSW Yes Yes
59Trevor Allen M QLD Yes Yes
* Numbers are row numbers, and have no bearing on race numbers