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2009 athletes

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Wayne Gregory Name: Wayne "Blue Dog" Gregory

Age: 51

From: Sans Souci - Sydney - Australia

Goals: Sub-32 hours seems like an achievable goal. Only be a handful of runners are capable of that, so the pointy end will sort itself out.

Words: Never say "enough."

C2K history: This will be my third C2K. I won the race in 2006 (33:49), missed 2007 due to injury and placed fourth in 2008 (30:10) on the 'short course' when it was deemed 'unsafe' to complete the final 18 km up and back to the summit. 'Unsafe' doesn't convey enough meaning ... people could have died, which is a long way to travel for a DNF.

Personal Bests
What? When? Where? Vital Statistics
5k road 2009 Iron Cove 17:34
10k road 2009 Homebush 36:10
Half marathon 2005 Lake Macquarie 1:25:25
Marathon 2009 Canberra 2:59:31

The story

Running and fitness is a lifestyle. I'm a runner; I view the world from that perspective; running is what I do; so I think it's perfectly natural that I would wish to explore how fast I can move my body through the landscape from point A to B.

Coast to Kosci provides the opportunity to do that on a grand scale.