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2009 athletes

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Photo Coming Soon

Name: Pam Muston

Age: 49

From: Wamboin, NSW

Goals: This is my first C2K race. My goal is to enjoy every step of the way (as much as possible) and to finish before cut off. I have a lot of respect for this race and I am so excited by the personal challenge ahead of me.

Words: Enjoy the moment.

C2K history: On debut.

Personal Bests
What? When? Where? Vital Statistics
Marathon (road) 2006 Canberra 3:26
Marathon (mountain) 2008 Deep Space Mountain 5:12
100k 2009 Gold Coast 10:35

The story

This is a race I have admired for years and longed to do. The idea of starting with my feet in the sand and going to the highest point in Australia (using only my legs and personal drive) excites me. This year has all been about training for the C2K by building on the last 30 years of running. I am so excited and I believe I have the fitness and determination to complete this race. Can't wait for 5:30 on the 11/12/09!