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Kelvin Marshall Name: Kelvin Marshall

Age: 45

From: Palm Beach, Gold Coast, Qld

Goals: None given.

Words: Can't help but quote "The Glimmer Twins" : "If you start me up I'll never stop", but the other quote (as far as i know it's mine but maybe i picked it up years ago subconsciously) I live by is:
"to be an Ultra runner you need to be able to do all things to excess" .
Anyone reading this and knowing me also knows I have 3 obsessions: Ultra Marathon running, The Rolling Stones and Richmond Football Club one day I'll work out how to combine all three !!!

C2K history: Did 2005 and finished in a time of 39:05 for third place, if i'm realistic i doubt i'm going to be on the podium this year, although the tougher the race the better i am so bring on hard conditions preferably really hot !!!, but i know i can take a number of hours of and am keen just to see how many.

Personal Bests
What? When? Where? Vital Statistics
??? ??? ??? ???

The story

Thought it was time to finally do C2K as an official race, after doing it in it's second ever Fatass run in 2005.
In my mind it's 3 to 5 Hours easier than Badwater so i'm looking at getting it over before nightfall.
I will fill this in a little more detailed later when I have more time but in short this is my history: and this is my current blog:

Plenty to write but if i'm honest I'd just prefer to be running.