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2009 athletes

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Keith Hong Name: Keith 'Buzzlightyear' Hong

Age: 32

From: Sydney, NSW

Goals: Goal 1 - To finish!
Goal 2, Ideally though, I do have a time (But I am keeping it close ). Its too long a race to be out bragging a time. I am almost a "baby" in terms of finishes and time among all these other entrants. So being humble is the way to go.

Words: "Don't under estimate yourself, Don't over estimate the others"
"If its sh!t, it can only get better"
"You are too weak to be an athlete" - my 4th grade English teacher.

C2K history: On debut. I was lucky enough to see the 2008 race as a crew. Best memory of 2008's race was waking up to see my runner still going, in the middle of nowhere, in the crisp morning air, with the perfect sun rise as a backdrop.

Personal Bests
What? When? Where? Vital Statistics
10k 2008 Sydney 40:28
Marathon 2007 Gold Coast 3:17

The story

Running has allowed me to learn a lot about myself: how I respond to different environments, my body, and more importantly, to other people.

I am drawn to the warmth of the ulltra running community. Yes, they are competitive, yes, they can be arrogant but more often than not, the ones I have met so far are the nicest people you would ever meet. No pretentiousness in any of them. They dedicate themselves to hours and hours and hours (and hours...) of training. I know if I were to need any help along my way to the finishing line, a fellow runner would be delighted to do so.

The distance is a race with myself and Its more than just a calling. I am using this race to help myself build up a credible resume - I want to run the BadWater Ultra marathon in 5 years time. Yup, so lots more 100 miler runs..and crossing of fingers

I look forward to having the company of my wife and two friends as my crew. I feel delighted to have Helen with me for the start, since she has seen me (or the lack off) spending so much time training.

I am out to spank the big mammoth!!