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2009 athletes

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Jane 'seris' Trumper Name: Jane 'Seris' Trumper

Age: 49

From: Dee Why, NSW

Goals: 1. To finish.
2. To finish with Ray.
3. To finish near (I don't care if you beat me...) my GOW one night stand......... the Ladyman....
4. To get some sleep before the breakfast on Sunday morning.

Words: "Run when you can, walk when you can't" Hermie GOW 2009
Never say anything is "too" hard... hard is good. Nothing is TOO hard.

C2K history: On debut. If I finish this (and GNW) I'll have done the big 4 - the Ultra Slam 2009 including Glasshouse 100 miler, Great Ocean Walk (200kms), GNW and C2K.

Personal Bests
What? When? Where? Vital Statistics
Marathon 2007 Gold Coast 3:45
12hr 2009 Narrabeen 98.4km
Oxfam Trailwalker 2006 Sydney 16:43
100miles 2009 Glasshouse 27:23

The story

I'll be 49 before I run this. My brother died in May at age 49. If you don't have your health, you have nothing. So get out, challenge yourself, set some goals and live.

I still don't consider myself a serious runner (but then again, I never take myself seriously) .

There is something really special about my running friends. There's an energy there that is palpable. It's like Christmas lunch without having to be related... and that's a good thing:)