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2009 athletes

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Name: Billy Pearce

Age: 45

From: Collector

Goals: First goal, get to the start line in one piece.
Second goal, enjoy the roller coaster of physical and emotional challenges.
Third and final, to get to the finish.

Words: Coast to Kosci ultramarathon - everything else is a training run ("Milov" - how right he is)

C2K history: My C2K history is limited to an unusual time spent at Dalgety last year asking runners questions about their well being.

Personal Bests
What? When? Where? Vital Statistics
Marathon 2007 Canberra 3:42
12hr 2009 Narrabeen 99.3k
100k 2008 Gold Coast 12:59
24hr track 2009 Brisbane 100miles

The story

After losing 30kg's in 2000 I started running to keep fit. Three marathons in four months in 2002 and I was on a journey to see how far I could carry myself. On arrival in Australia in 2005 I found a very welcoming ultra running community and by osmosis C2K found me!